• Bio Dragon (バイオドラゴン, Baio Doragon?) - A carrier ship for Bio Jets One and Two. On the fuselage side, two laser guns are equipped. With its magnetic force crane, it can pick up an inert Bio Robo. It can even transport a fully-formed Bio Robo to the scene of battle.
  • Bio Robo (バイオロボ, Baio Robo?) - Coming from the Bio Star 500 years ago, it is the Bio Robo that showers five youths with Bio-particles. It is the Bio Robo that also gathers our five protagonists together, literally picking them up like action figures. It is also semi-sentient, showing fear at the arrival of Silva. It is formed from the two Bio Jets when the command "Fusion! Hyper Cross!" (合体!ハイパークロス!, Gattai! Haipā Kurosu!?) is given. It is armed with the Super-Maser (スーパーメーザー, Sūpā Mēzā?) sword and it destroys monsters with a variety of finishing attacks including, but not limited to, Concentration (コンセントレーション, Konsentorēshon?), Comet Cutter (コメットカッター, Kometto Kattā?), Chainsaw Cutter (チェーンソーカッター, Chēnsō Kattā?), Straight Flush (ストレートフラッシュ, Sutorēto Furasshu?), Pinball Sting (ピンボールスティング, Pinbōru Sutingu?), and Dashing Beam (ダッシングビーム, Dasshingu Bīmu?). It uses a powered up attack, the Bio Particle Cut (バイオ粒子斬り, Baio Ryūshi Kiri?) against later monsters. At the end of episode 10, its eyes glowed activating the now dead yellow 4 1's computer system in her helmet which caused it to activate her super electronic holography flashing a footage of her (which was actually her shot at the end credits)
    • Bio Jet One (バイオジェット1号, Baio Jetto Ichigō?) - It is used by Red One and Pink Five. It forms the upper half of the Bio Robo. It appeared in Gaoranger Vs Super Sentai
    • Bio Jet Two (バイオジェット2号, Baio Jetto Nigō?) - It is used by three other Biomen. It forms the lower half of the Bio Robo.